We’ve always been told to sleep tight and not let the bed bugs bite. However, rather than just accepting that they’re on your property and avoiding them during the night, it’s probably best to have your space inspected, and the possibility of a hidden infestation checked.

There are plenty of places for the bed bugs to hide before they bite. Here are some of the possibilities of where they might be lurking:

1) Bedroom Furniture

If you have furniture in your bedroom, there’s a chance that these bed bugs have invaded the wood and are hiding inside your furniture. Pay attention to the couches and beds that creak when you put your weight on them.

2) Cushioned Seats

If your home has several cushioned seats, the bed bugs might be hiding there. Plenty of cinemas and commercial establishments have had to suffer from these instances of bed bug infestation. They are more likely to be on the bottom of the cushions than the top.

3) Human Clothes

Bed bugs are more likely to hide in the seams of your clothes. They can be found hiding in your linen or knitted shirts or pants. They can stick to your clothes and remain there for a while before they transport elsewhere or entirely come out. If you notice that your clothes feel different, it’s probably because of a bed bug infestation.

4) Bed Frames

If the bed bugs have infested your sleeping quarters, they can be living on the frame of your bed. They know how to hide within the wood of your bed frame so that when you place the sheets on it. If you suspect any bed bugs on the bed frame, it might be a good idea to tear up any of the bugs and call in some detection services.

5) Mattress Seams

The seams of your mattress are another place where bed bugs can hide. They can crawl into the fabric seams and make a home there, creeping around and remaining undetected. The seams can bulge out when you sit on the mattress and reveal an infestation. Keep in mind that these are just some of the places where bed bugs might hide.

6) Secluded Cracks

There can be situations wherein a bed bug infestation was undetected for a while because the critters were located in a secluded crack. When they came out and around, they were in a place where they were hidden. Another reason you should call detection services is that you never know where the bed bugs could be situated.


To prevent bed bugs from infiltrating your home, start inspecting the places where they can be hiding in your home. If you’re unsure where to look, it’s best to get some help from a trusted professional.

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