Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs in Manhattan, New York City

Our Well-Trained Bed Bug Dogs Will Inspect You Home to Help You Identify & Exterminate an Infestation

Do you suspect you have a bed bug problem in your home? Tried to exterminate the pesky pests with little success?

At Discreet Bedbug Inspections, we have a solution for your troubles. We employ the best bed bug sniffing dogs to help you find live and active bed bugs in their hiding areas so you can get rid of them.

So, ready to reclaim your comfort and peace of mind? Book a canine bed bug inspection with us!



Homes, Condos, & Apartments

Bed bugs like to hide in furniture, walls, outlets, skirting, and of course, beds. Our bed bug sniffing dogs are highly trained to spot exactly where these little monsters and their nests are hiding so you can concentrate your efforts there. We thoroughly inspect your entire home or apartment and will leave no possible hiding spot untouched. With our inspection, you can finally get rid of your bed bug problem for good.

Dorm Rooms

School dorm rooms make for the highest cases of bed bugs. Unfortunately, bed bugs can spread all manner of diseases and cause sleep disruption, which is why bed bug treatment is important. Our bed bug dogs are also highly experienced in sniffing out bed bugs in spots they like to hide within dorm rooms and have been involved in dozens of successful exterminations in Manhattan.

Office Buildings

Unfortunately, bed bugs can invade and take root in your office building. They can be especially common in office cubicles accommodating many employees. But the good news is our dogs can also detect bed bugs in office complexes, helping you treat the problem at the root.


Hotels are also frequently plagued beg bugs. And unfortunately, infestations can have a massive impact on business. Our canine bed bug detection service is the best way to keep your establishment clean, comfortable, and bed bug-free all year round.

Retail Stores

Stores, especially those selling fashion which must include changing rooms, are also prone to infestations. But with us, you can say goodbye to your bed bug problems for good. Our success rate in identifying all bed bug spots is as high as 90%+.

Why Our Dog Bed Bug Inspections in Manhattan, NYC?

Choosing the right service for your bed bug situation is not always easy. After all, you may have dealt with services that didn’t meet your expectations. Discreet Bedbug Inspections has built a name for itself in Manhattan and the greater NYC for the following:

Discreet with Minimal Disruption

As our name suggests, our bed bug detection service is quite discreet. We will inspect and help you find beg bug nests on your property as privately as possible. More importantly, we conduct our business with as little disruption to your daily business or activities as possible.

Affordable Pricing for Your Budget

Our bed bug sniffing dog service is not only focused on giving property owners results but ensuring we are accessible to all. So, be assured of competitive pricing for inspecting your condo, home, office, or business establishment.

Actively Trained Dogs

Our bed bug dogs are experienced in sniffing out bed bug nesting areas, no matter where they are hidden. And to ensure we keep delivering highly accurate detection, our dogs undergo active training for 20 hours every week. Rest assured that our bed bug dogs effectiveness is unmatched.

Locally Owned with 10+ Years in the Industry

Our bed bug inspection company has been around since 2010 and was founded and is still run by local expert Jeff. So, we understand the local community’s needs and are passionate about serving you.

Independent- No Exterminator Affiliation

More importantly, we are not bed bug exterminators, nor do we work with any. So, we do a thorough inspection to give you the true picture of your situation. That is whether you have live bed bugs or not so that you don’t waste money on extermination if you don’t need it, and if you do, know where to concentrate your efforts.

Benefits of Getting a Dog Bed Bug Inspection in Manhattan

Have you spent a lot of money on inspections and exterminations? Don’t want to spend another dollar on ineffective solutions?

Here are a couple of reasons our dog beg bug inspection is the best thing you can do for your home/ business premises:

  • More effective than other common methods: human inspection is notoriously ineffective, at 20-25%, with dog inspection delivering up to 90% effectiveness.
  • It saves you money in the long run: you can save money on frequent exterminations, which can be pretty expensive.
  • Detects bed bugs in all life stages: from eggs to dead bed bugs; be sure our dogs can detect your infestation at any stage.
  • Faster detection than any other method: the biggest advantage of trained dogs is that they can sniff out bed bugs pretty fast. So, we can cover a wide area in a relatively short time.

Want a Bed Bug Free Space? Let’s Sniff Out Troublesome Bed Bugs for Easy & Effective Extermination

Bed bugs can be a nuisance, whether in your home or business. But for effective bed bug treatment, you need a reliable inspection. At Discreet Bedbug Inspections, we specialize in bed bug inspection using well-trained dogs. We guarantee high accuracy, professionalism, and low pricing.

So, schedule your appointment anywhere in Manhattan by calling us at +1 917 337 3202 today!





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