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Imagine waking up to find red itchy welts on your skin and spotting tiny insects crawling on your bed. That’s what happened to the Johnson family. The culprit? Bed bugs. These tiny, sneaky pests had invaded their apartment, turning their lives upside down. But how did they recognize the signs of a bed bug infestation? How did they get rid of bed bugs in the apartment? And most importantly, how did they prevent a future infestation? Let’s find out.

Short Summary

  • Recognize bed bug infestation signs and familiar hiding places
  • Take steps to eliminate bed bugs, such as laundering and insecticide dust
  • Work with property managers & pest control professionals for legal rights & responsibilities

Recognizing a Bed Bug Infestation

The Johnsons first noticed something was wrong when their son woke up with bite marks on his skin. After a quick online search, they suspected bed bugs. But how could they confirm this? And where could these tiny pests be hiding?

Bed bugs are small, flat, oval, reddish-brown insects similar to the size of an apple seed. Adult bed bugs are darker in color, while young bed bugs, also known as nymphs, are lighter and almost translucent. These bugs feed exclusively on blood, resulting in itchy red welts. The key signs of their presence include bed bug bites, fecal spots, shed skins, and live bed bugs.

Common Hiding Places

The Johnsons were surprised that bed bugs were experts at hiding. They typically conceal themselves in cracks and crevices of furniture, mattresses, and box springs. But these pests don’t limit themselves to bedrooms. They can also hide behind picture frames, in corners of walls, underneath the bed on floorboards, beneath chair legs, inside desks, and even in dresser drawers.

Armed with this information, the Johnsons thoroughly inspected their apartment. They found evidence of bed bugs in their mattress seams, behind picture frames, and in the corners of their bedroom walls. They understood that bed bug infestations can become very serious if not addressed quickly, as bed bugs spread rapidly. An adult female bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime.

Taking action quickly was essential. The Johnsons contacted a pest control professional to help them.

Inspecting Your Apartment

When inspecting for bed bugs, looking for live bed bugs, eggs, cast skins, and blood or fecal spots on fabric, wood, and paper surfaces is important. The Johnsons discovered that these pests were not just confined to their bed. They found signs of bed bugs on their furniture and even inside their desk.

Bed bugs are typically reddish-brown and approximately the size of a grain of rice, although they may be smaller if immature. They also have a wide and flat body, which allows them to easily hide and access their preferred meal source when bed bugs feed.

The Johnsons realized the extent of their bed bug problem and knew they had to take immediate action.

Steps to Eliminate Bed Bugs

Determined to reclaim their home, the Johnsons embarked on their mission to kill bed bugs. Bed bugs can be a tough problem to tackle. Contacting a pest control professional is the most effective way to eliminate them. But before the professionals arrived, they had to prepare their apartment to get rid of bed bugs for the treatment. This process involved laundering their bedding and clothing in hot water and a high-heat setting. Insecticide dust was used to treat the area where bed bugs had been seen. This treatment included bed frames, mattresses, box springs, furniture, and baseboards.

A paintbrush was suggested for treating cracks and crevices that could harbor bed bugs.

Contacting Your Landlord or Property Manager

The Johnsons knew they must inform their landlord about the bed bug infestation. They understood it was advisable to contact the property manager to request a bed bug treatment service from the contracted pest control company. Upon receiving their call, the landlord was notified by phone and in writing. It was clear to the Johnsons that it was the landlord’s responsibility to provide habitable housing and bear the expense of pest control.

Once the landlord had been notified, the pest control professionals were called in to assess the presence of bed bugs in their apartment.

Preparing for Treatment

Before the pest control professionals arrived, the Johnsons had to prepare their apartment. They started by cleaning all items within the living area affected by bed bugs. They removed all electrical wall plates, phone jack plates, and light switch covers.

They moved their bed at least 6 inches from the wall as recommended. They also placed bed bug-proof encasements on their mattress and box spring. This helped contain the infestation and prepare their apartment for the treatment.

Choosing the Right Treatment Method

The pest control professionals informed the Johnsons about the different bed bug treatments. The treatment process for bed bugs involves a combination of methods, such as heat treatment, pesticides, and vacuuming. They explained that heat treatment involved raising the affected area’s temperature to a level lethal to bed bugs.

They also explained that pesticides are chemical substances that eliminate or manage pests like bed bugs. Vacuuming involved using a vacuum cleaner to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs from the affected area.

After carefully considering all options, the Johnsons and the pest control professionals combined all three methods for the most effective result.

Preventing Future Infestations

Now that the Johnsons had successfully eliminated the bed bugs, they were determined to prevent future infestations. They learned that maintaining a regular vacuuming schedule and minimizing clutter could significantly reduce the likelihood of a bed bug infestation.

They also realized the importance of being proactive in preventing the proliferation of infestations. They knew prevention was better than cure and were ready to take all necessary precautions to keep their apartment bed bug-free.

Travel Precautions

The Johnsons loved to travel and realized they needed to be careful while staying in hotels. They learned to carefully examine bedding and luggage racks in hotel rooms for signs of bed bugs, including dark spots, eggs, and shed skins, especially when they suspect bed bugs might be present.

They discovered the benefits of using metal luggage racks and hard-shell suitcases to prevent bed bugs from infiltrating their luggage. They also learned that washing clothes on the highest heat setting ensured that any bed bugs present were killed.

Secondhand Furniture Safety

Being fans of vintage and secondhand furniture, the Johnsons now understood the risks associated with them. They learned to carefully examine secondhand furniture before introducing it into their apartment to prevent the introduction of bed bugs.

They also learned to identify signs of bed bug activity, such as shed skins, eggs, and fecal spots. They realized that being cautious and vigilant regarding secondhand furniture could save them from another bed bug nightmare.

Regular Cleaning Habits

The Johnsons learned that regular cleaning habits were crucial in preventing bed bugs. They committed to routinely washing and heat-drying their bed sheets and clothing. They also understood that vacuuming regularly could assist in preventing bed bugs.

They realized that limiting clutter could be a beneficial approach to avoiding bed bugs. They even learned to use a hand steamer to clean their luggage, which could assist in deterring bed bugs.

Working with Pest Control Professionals

The Johnsons found that working with pest control professionals was crucial in dealing with their bed bug problem. They provided expeditious solutions to their pest problems, saving them time and money. They also possessed the knowledge and experience to assess and prevent future infestations.

The Johnsons realized that the pest control professionals were not just there to eliminate the bed bugs. They were there to educate them, to help them understand the behavior of these pests, and to teach them how to prevent future infestations.

Selecting a Reputable Company

The Johnsons knew the importance of selecting a reliable pest control company. They evaluated several companies based on their qualifications, experience, reputation, value, customer service, safety, license and insurance, services, equipment, cost, and availability.

They ensured that the company they selected used legal and safe chemicals to eliminate pests swiftly and effectively. They found that their due diligence in selecting a pest control company paid off, as they were provided with an effective and comprehensive solution to their bed bug problem.

Understanding the Treatment Process

The Johnsons wanted to understand the bed bug treatment process provided by professionals. They learned that the process could take a few days to months, depending on the nature and severity of the infestation, and might require multiple visits and treatments for an effective result.

They also understood the different methods used in the treatment process. They saw how heat treatment raised the affected area’s temperature to a level lethal to bed bugs. They learned about pesticides to eliminate or manage pests like bed bugs. And they discovered how vacuuming could eliminate bed bugs and their eggs from the affected area.

Legal Rights and Responsibilities

The Johnsons also learned about their legal rights and responsibilities when dealing with bed bugs. They understood that tenants had the legal right to a safe and healthy living environment, and the landlord was obligated to provide it.

They learned they should promptly report any suspected bed bug problem and prepare the apartment for treatment. They also realized the importance of cooperating with the property manager and pest control professionals to ensure comprehensive control of the bed bug population.

Tenant Rights

The Johnsons understood that as tenants, they had certain rights. According to legal requirements, the responsibility for responding to bed bugs fell upon the property manager.

They also learned that if their property manager refused to address the bed bug infestation, they could consider breaking the lease early, withholding rent, or filing a lawsuit against the property manager. They understood that it was permissible to withhold rent if their property manager was not taking appropriate steps to address the bed bug infestation.

Landlord Responsibilities

Understanding the responsibilities of landlords in such situations was also crucial for the Johnsons. They learned that landlords must ensure the apartment was bed bugs-free before a new tenant moved in. They also understood that the landlord may be responsible for treating bed bug infestations during a tenant’s lease. However, the responsibilities may vary depending on the state and rental agreement.

They realized the importance of having a responsible landlord in dealing with such situations.


In conclusion, the Johnsons’ experience illuminates the importance of recognizing, eliminating, and preventing bed bug infestations. They learned that bed bugs are sneaky pests that can hide in the smallest of spaces and multiply rapidly. They understood the importance of regular cleaning, travel precautions, and the safe acquisition of secondhand furniture to prevent future infestations. They discovered the vital role pest control professionals play in eliminating bed bugs and the necessity of selecting a reputable company. They also learned about their legal rights and responsibilities as tenants. Their story serves as a reminder that anyone can face a bed bug infestation, but with the right knowledge and resources, it can be effectively managed and prevented.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is it to get rid of bed bugs in an apartment?

Getting rid of bed bugs from an apartment can be difficult and require multiple treatments. To facilitate the process, try eliminating clutter and any piles of clothes, papers, etc. This will make it easier for the exterminator to access and treat all apartment areas properly. Additionally, it will help to reduce the number of hiding places for the birds.

How long does it take to get rid of bed bugs in an apartment?

It typically takes 2-4 treatment sessions over 3-6 weeks to eliminate bed bugs, depending on the infestation level and the house size.

However, each situation is unique.

What if I have bed bugs in my apartment?

If your apartment has bed bugs, it’s best to alert the property manager immediately. In multi-family housing, a manager-coordinated bed bug control effort using a pest control company is often necessary.

Can bed bugs travel through apartment walls?

Bed bugs can travel through apartment walls, moving along wall voids and using plumbing and electrical chase ways.

They can also travel through cracks in walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as through doorways and windows. They can even travel between apartments through shared walls and other common areas.

It is important to note that the world has changed.

What are the signs of a bed bug infestation?

Bed bug bites, fecal spots, shed skins, and live bed bugs can indicate bed bug infestations.

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