The information on bedbugs and bed bug inspections below include questions asked by our clients and handy bed bug facts offered by bug experts


Do bed bugs bite?

Yes, bed bugs bite. The bed bug bite is small and painless at first but later turns into itchy welts. Bed bugs attack at night while you are sleeping and only bite the areas of the skin that are exposed.

Where do bed bugs live?

Bed bugs live behind baseboards, cracks and crevices, in your bedding, mattresses and box springs. Bed bugs can also hide in electrical switch-plates, picture frames, wallpaper and nearly anywhere inside a home, car, or bus. Good travelers, they also dwell in suitcases, boxes and shoes, hitchhiking anywhere they can.

What are the signs of a bed bug infestation?

A bed bug infestation can be hard to miss but bed bug signs can include fecal spotting, caste skins, empty egg shells, and carcasses.

Why should I hire bed bug sniffing dogs?

Bed bug sniffing dogs are the best bed bug detector you can employ to eradicate bed bugs effectively. Our bed bug dogs discriminate Live/Active bed bug eggs from old infestation evidence (fecal spotting, caste skins, empty egg shells, carcasses).

How do I know if your bed bug dogs are accurate?

A successful bed bug canine is trained by one of our professional and competent handlers. Our bed bug dogs spend over 20 hours each week actively training, pursuing, and detecting bed bugs and are certified.

Do your dogs give false alerts just to get fed?

Our dogs are given treats for detecting Live/Active bed bug and their viable eggs. However, it’s the handler’s responsibility to identify both preliminary and final alerts from the canine. A preliminary alert to a bed bug epidemic can be any of the following:

  •          A head whip
  •          change in breathing from sniffing to vacuuming
  •          tense body position
  •          digging the nose further into an area to get closer to the scent

Once the handler identifies some of these alerts, the canine will give a final alert that there is indeed a bed bug problem, and the handler determines if the dog is accurate. The final alert from our bed bug sniffing dogs comes as either sitting or scratching the area.

Your website states you are an independent, dog bed bug inspection company who employs trained dogs to detect bed bugs. What is the benefit of using your bed bug company over an exterminator who comes with a dog?

Our expertise is in training canines to detect bed bugs, nothing more. Unlike bed bug exterminators who show up with their own dogs, our company achieves no financial gain by saying you have bed bugs when in fact you don’t. Because we do not fumigate, we get paid the same amount for our specialty service whether we find bed bugs or not. Some exterminators who come with dogs, do not have the training, nor spend the correct amount of time training their dogs. Some dogs give false positives because they’re alerting to Dead/Inactive infestations or give their final alert and just “mail it in” – meaning, they do not put any effort into their work. Not all canines are ideally suited to scent detection, and neither are all handlers. Our bed bug specialists always look for preliminary and final alerts and spend countless of hours training in bed bug detection.

Do your bed bug specialists wear uniforms or arrive in marked vehicles?

Our bed bug specialists do not wear uniforms and do not drive marked vehicles. The name of our company is Discreet Bedbug Inspections for a reason. When we enter your home or building, we do not mention why we are there to others.

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