Regular inspection is necessary for preventing unwanted pest infestations. Preparing your home for one will benefit you and the inspectors as a way to work towards a smoother session. With the increasing popularity of careful canine bed bug inspections, preparing your home has become a valuable step in the overall process. 

Here’s how you can prepare your home for an inspection done by man’s best friend:

1. Lay Down and Open Recently-Traveled Bags

Since canine bed bug inspection dogs specialize in detecting live insect hiding places, it’s essential to lay down and open any recently-traveled bags. This traps the bed bug odor inside the bag for easier detection. Hitching a ride on bags and clothing is common for bed bugs to get into your home. Make sure to lay the bags flat, preferably on a hard surface that’s easier for the dogs to access and inspect.

2. Clear Pathways

Bed bugs aren’t fans of the light. They generally hide in tubular areas, such as the spaces inside your mattress or around a room’s edges. Leaving clear pathways in your home will allow the dogs to access these areas more efficiently. Be sure to clear paths to the bedrooms, hallways, and rooms where you’d like the dogs to search.

3. Move Furniture Away From Walls

Bed bugs usually live on the sides of walls and sometimes inside of them. They also live behind headboards.  Moving your furniture away from the walls will allow the dogs to inspect these areas more clearly. Bed bugs also tend to live near their food source, which is probably your mattress, so give the canine a chance to access the mattress unimpeded for a more efficient inspection.

4. Get Rid of Odors

Now that your home has been prepped for inspection, it’s time to get rid of any odors that might distract the dog! Tobacco, smoke, and similar smells may make the dogs lose focus and become distracted. That said, you’ll have the best chance of a successful inspection if your home is odorless when the dogs arrive. To accommodate them, perform proper cleaning of your home before the inspection to eliminate any strong scents or odors.

5. Remove Unwanted Distractions

As you’re preparing your home for a canine bed bug inspection, be sure to remove any unwanted distractions. This is especially important when you have children running and playing around. Since a canine bed bug inspection involves dogs sniffing out the scent of live bed bugs. Clear your home of toys, food, children, and other animals before the inspection so the canine can focus on finding those pesky bed bugs.


The canine bed bug inspection effectively detects bed bugs and their hiding places.  Exterminating bed bugs can be a long, expensive process, so once an infestation is found, it’s crucial to eliminate them as quickly as possible. Homeowners are getting a quick, efficient, and discreet method of finding and preventing bed bug infestations through canine bed bug inspections. Give this service a try, and you’ll be well on your way to keeping your household safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is canine bed bug detection, and how do dogs detect the presence of bed bugs?

Canine bed bug detection involves specially trained dogs using their keen sense of smell to identify the unique scent produced by bed bugs. These dogs are trained to alert their handlers when they detect the presence of bed bugs, making them valuable in comprehensive inspections.

How accurate are canine bed bug inspections compared to other methods?

Canine bed bug inspections are known for their high accuracy rates. Dogs can quickly and precisely locate bed bug infestations, even in hidden or inaccessible areas. Their efficiency makes them a reliable and effective method for confirming the presence of bed bugs.

Are specific breeds of dogs trained for canine bed bug detection, and why are they chosen for this task?

Yes, certain breeds, such as Beagles and Labrador Retrievers, are commonly chosen and trained for canine bed bug detection. These breeds exhibit strong olfactory senses and are easily trainable, making them well-suited for the task of identifying the scent of bed bugs.

What are the advantages of using bed bug sniffing dogs in inspections?

A: Bed bug sniffing dogs offer several advantages, including rapid and non-invasive detection. Their ability to cover large areas quickly makes them particularly useful in various settings, such as hotels and residences. Early detection with the help of these dogs allows for prompt and targeted treatment.

Can canine bed bug detection be used in both residential and commercial settings?

Yes, canine bed bug detection is versatile and can be employed in various settings, including homes, hotels, apartments, and commercial buildings. The adaptability of bed bug sniffing dogs makes them effective in identifying and confirming bed bug infestations across diverse environments.

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