Bed bugs are not just found in beds anymore. Bed bugs in NYC stores are now a huge problem for the concrete jungle. There is an incredibly toxic relationship between bed bugs and concrete buildings that has existed for many years. The upswing in bed bugs in New York City has increased as more and more international travelers visit the city, infesting places they visit. Bed bugs are prolific for living in luggage, on clothes, and the bottom of our shoes.

The perfect hitchhiker, bed bugs are found in office buildings, retail stores, and other commercial spaces that New York City residents and travelers visit often. Recently, a flagship Apple Store in NYC had a bed bug infestation. This situation caused bed bug anxiety for many employees. Multiple canine bed bug teams were dispatched to the retail store and the adjoining off-building and searched.

So, the question so many people ask is, “How can commercial spaces get bed bugs?” As stated, bed bugs are terrific hitchhikers. In most instances, someone exposed to an infestation introduces bed bugs into a clean environment. A bed bug infestation can exist in a home, at work, and even in a hotel. Unbeknownst to them, they spread the bug infestation, affecting many people in different environments. Bed bugs in NYC stores, hiding within New York City walls, are a growing concern, panicking many New Yorkers.

Have you heard of any commercial buildings in New York City that have had a bed bug issue? Your closest coffee shop? Your cleaners? Let us know.

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