February 21, 2022

Are you worried you might have live bed bugs and other household pests crawling inside walls, on your furniture, and under your covers? If so, you might consider contacting one of the many pest control companies employing human pest control professionals.

However, did you know that there is a more efficient option? Canine scent detection teams can swiftly sniff out and discern between live bugs, dead bed bugs, and viable eggs without tearing your home apart in search of them.

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Human Technicians vs. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs like to live in places with high carbon dioxide emissions and plenty of warmth, such as your bed. These mini-vampires feed on blood to survive. Their primary food source is humans; however, they will snack on your pets if you are not around.

To protect yourself and your pets from a bed bug infestation, you might consider inviting a pest control industry professional to make a sweep of your home.

Visual Inspection

Your bed bug detecting expert will likely complete a room-to-room visual inspection of your home while searching for an infestation.

This process is time-consuming since bed bug visual evidence is minuscule. For example, your human technician might spend hours finding a small piece of shed skin or identifying a tiny egg.

A thorough examination requires an in-depth visual investigation of every nook and cranny of your home. It is a laborious undertaking for yourself and your technicians alike.

Another negative to using a human pest control professional is that they cannot distinguish between viable and non-viable bed bug eggs.

Due to this uncertainty, the pest control company might recommend that you treat your home with toxic bed bug-killing chemicals when, in actuality, you do not have live bed bugs.

Contact a bed bug dog inspection company near you if you prefer a speedy and discreet examination process with a happy wagging tail instead.

Man’s Best Friend, Bed Bugs’ Worst Foe: Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs

Have you ever seen your dog sniffing other dogs’ bottoms at the park? Dogs are natural experts at scent detection, and one sniff of scent molecules and pheromones can tell them about other dogs’:

  • gender and reproductive status
  • mood
  • diet and overall health


It is no secret that a dog’s nose is more potent at scent detection than a human’s nose. Due to their superior sniffers, canine inspection dogs are more accurate than their human counterparts.

Canine bed bug inspections have a 95% accurate detection rate, while human technicians only have a 35% accuracy rate.

bed bug sniffing dog nose

Enjoy Lower Costs and Less Examination Time with Bed Bug Dogs

Did you know that it usually takes about two weeks for exterminators to catch a live bed bug in a trap and make an identification of bed bugs in your home?

By the time an exterminator catches a bed bug, the other bed bugs could lay 100 new eggs, with 50 of them already hatching. Therefore, early detection is crucial to prevent a devastating infestation.

In addition to visually confirming the existence of bed bugs, a scent detection canine can smell the presence of bed bugs in their varying life stages. Through scent detection alone, dogs can determine whether you have viable eggs, live bed bugs, or dead bed bugs that do not require further treatment.

Often, canine inspections cost less than examinations by human technicians due to their efficiency. Dogs can search multiple rooms in one day without tearing them apart to visually inspect every crevice.

Dogs can also pinpoint the exact source of bed bugs, meaning you do not need to shell out cash to bomb your house with bug-killing chemicals.

How Do Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs Detect Bed Bugs?

Before a canine completes a bed bug dog inspection in your home, they must first undergo extensive training at a canine academy to detect bed bugs. The fully trained bed bug detection canines join their human technicians to become a bug-fighting duo.

During the scent detection process, the dog alerts the human technician to bugs by sitting down at the location. If your human technician is wary of a building-wide infestation, they might call in a second dog. The second canine team will thoroughly inspect the building for any trace of bugs.

A Human Technician + A Bed Bug Sniffing Dog = Your Canine Team

Knowledgeable human technicians are just as important as professional bed bug-sniffing dogs when forming effective canine scent detection teams. After all, even the best-trained dog can still get thrown off track if the scent of bacon lingers in the house.

A human technician will navigate the dog away from other distractions and keep its sniffer on the job at hand. While the dog sniffs its way through your belongings, the human technician will visually confirm its findings and discourage any false alerts.

If you are interested in bed bug detection services, please contact Discreet Bed Bug Inspections. We service residential and commercial spaces in New York and New Jersey.

Find Bed Bugs with Bed Bug Dogs

Are you waking up with small itchy red bumps on your body? You may save your entire building from an infestation by neglecting to address this issue before it gets out of hand. Protect yourself and others around you by investing in certified bed bug dogs.

A canine team from Discreet Bedbug Inspections can complete a bed bug dog inspection in a minimally invasive manner, making your neighbors none the wiser. We service many residential and commercial spaces, including:

  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Theaters
  • Government buildings
  • Hotels and motels
  • School dorms
  • Offices

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