March 15, 2023

One can certainly agree that bed bugs are such a nuisance. And when you asked about a bed bug encounter, you certainly have stories to tell. For example, if you were in public and felt embarrassed because it crawled out of your clothes, or if you have a visitor and these pests show up on your furniture, this can be so embarrassing. If you are a business owner who owns a furniture store and people see these pests, they will discredit your shop.

If you are the kind of person who has had an encounter with bed bugs and wants to get rid of them, call bed bug dog inspection services to help you.

What Does A Bedbug Dog Inspection Service Do?

If you have had bed bugs at home or in business, you can agree that it is difficult to detect these bugs. This is because these bugs can hide pretty well. They can hide anywhere, from wall crevices to various furniture areas to light switches.

Our service providers aim to control the spread of bed bugs. They carry out a thorough bed bug inspection to identify the specific location of the infestation and the type of bed bug species. They offer you the best treatment plan to control the bugs.

How Does A Bedbug Dog Inspection Company Carry Out The Inspection?

When you come across a bed bug, its strong sense of smell can certainly not go unnoticed. The various species of bed bugs have distinct odors. Also, live bed bug odors are not similar to bed bug eggs.

Dogs, as you well know, can easily detect various smells. Bed bug service providers have bed bug-sniffing dogs to help rid your house of these pests. Bed bug sniffing dogs can find bed bugs easily since they undergo training to detect bed bugs at different stages of their lives.

How Are Bedbug-Sniffing Dogs Trained?

These dogs are trained bed bug detection dogs to sniff out bed bugs. The dogs have received hours and hours of training to ensure they give the best results.

To identify the specific smell, bed bug detection dogs can recognize various species of bed bugs, from live ones to even their eggs. The dogs sniff these bugs to master their scent. The dogs know the areas that are likely to have bed bug infestations. A bed bug dog goes through a series of tests to see if it is well-trained and then is certified by a board.

Reasons Why You Should Contact A Bed Bug Dog Inspection Service in NYC

Getting a bed bug inspection service for yourself will go a long way in helping establish control against these pests. Hiring this service frequently will assure you of no future embarrassment or inconvenience. Here are five good reasons you should get a bed bug inspection service.


You know that bed bugs can take a long time to eliminate. People spend a lot of time eliminating them, but their efforts are like chasing the wind. The reason for this is poor bug detection methods.

Some methods people apply to detect bed bugs may focus on live bed bugs and forget about the eggs. The inspection can focus on the whole area rather than specific areas with bed bug infestations. This proves that the time spent and effort applied were futile.

Well, getting a bed bug dog inspection will ensure you a bed bug-free property in the shortest time possible. The bed bug sniffing dog inspections assist you in finding the specific areas of bed bug infestation. The time spent to rid your home of these pests is thus short. These service providers also give you advice on a treatment plan that will be sure to work.

Saves you money

Just after a bed bug detection, a treatment follows. You will know the specific areas where bed bugs are and will be able to budget the amount of money required for their elimination. In other methods, you have to treat entire areas. The dogs help you locate specific areas that need treatment, saving you money.

This will ensure you a bug-free property at a cheaper cost. Bed bug sniffing dogs can detect bed bugs early, saving you the hassle of treating an entire area due to them spreading.

Bed bug-sniffing dogs are accurate

Bed bugs are known to be very good at hiding. They hide in places that humans can not easily detect. Trained and certified bed bug sniffing dogs are accurate, picking up the scent of bed bugs even in places you least expect. They help you find bed bugs early, making it easy for you to eliminate them.

They will protect your image

No one wants to have a property or business that is infested by bed bugs. People always try to hide from having a bed bug infestation because of the shame that comes with it. Well, bed bug dog inspection companies are aware of that. Bed bug inspection companies always aim to be as discreet as possible. They seek to protect your image over publicity.

Bed bug-sniffing dogs are minimally invasive

Humans lack a sensitive sense of smell and rely on sight to identify bed bugs. You can agree that sight is not enough when it comes to these bugs, especially in scenarios such as finding bed bug eggs. To find bed bugs, you have to turn your house or room upside down to identify their hideouts.

Bed bug dogs, on the other hand, follow the bed bugs’ scent to find the exact area of infestation. No movement of things is required. This will also save you from the anxiety of people knowing.

Are You Looking For A Discreet Bedbug Inspection Company in NYC?

You may be a business owner or homeowner who has constantly had bed bug infestations and can’t seem to get rid of them. You need a bed bug inspection company that only cares for you in the best way.

Are you in NYC and need a team to enlighten you on how to get rid of bed bugs? Discreet bed bug inspections are here for you. We have actively trained and certified dogs that can get the job done. We offer services in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, the Hamptons, and the Jersey Shore. For information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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